Learning and development intervention offered to new hires and those who have not yet taken the course

RA 11032 otherwise known as the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 and handling of customer complaints and public assistance. The Act aims to promote transparency by requiring the Authority to simplify frontline service procedures, formulate service standards to be used in every transaction and make known these standards to the client in support to the advocacy of the government to reduce red tape.

Congratulations on your new employment to the Philippine Ports Authority and welcome to the team!  We want our employees to have all the resources needed to make the transition to PPA as relaxed and seamless as possible.

We encourage you to read through the contents prior to your start date and continuously through your first year to become acclimated with the organization.

We hope you find this a valuable resource.

Customer service is always at the heart of every organization which aims to provide customer satisfaction.  Customers want to be prioritized, to be values and respected; and it is a must for organizations to gain their trust and loyalty.  it is a common knowledge that organizations regard profit of the highest value and aims to surpass previous accomplishments.  Customers are the reason why organizations exist; without them there will be no business and profits.  There is a positive correlation between customer service and success.  When customer service is done right, it can boost the organization and increase the momentum for success.

The importance of customer service is to keep customers!  As the saying goes,"first impression lasts".  The first 30 seconds of contact with customers may break or make the business.  Service providers do not want to leave a bad impression and lose a customer.  It is imperative that excellent customer service be provided at all times.

The module aims to provide learners best practices which will guide in keeping existing customers, buy-in their loyalty and exceed customer's expectations leaving  positive feedback.