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Civil Examination is a comprehensive test given to professionals who aspire to work in a government office with permanent status.  Passing the exam is a prerequisite before one can engage into the government service.

Passing the test may not be an easy task, but it can be done.  Proper mind set and preparation counts a lot.  No ifs, no buts, no excuses.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

This reviewer aims to help you prepare for the test by providing study guides, sample questions, practice tests and free tips.

One can only do so much...

Port operations present potential risks and hazards not only to port personnel but to port properties, as well as, to the company’s viability through financial loss and increased insurance.  As one saying goes, “Safety does not happen by accident”, - putting stress to the importance of a safety and health management. 


Safety and health management systems aim to provide continual improvement of working environment and present preventive measures to minimize, if not to eliminate accidents/incidents in the ports.


The target participants are operations personnel who are responsible for monitoring workplace activities to ensure workers comply with the safety policies of the organization and government safety regulations.